JOSAM straightening – frame straightening for heavy vehicles


JOSAM frame pressJOSAM frame press
JOSAM i-pressJOSAM i-press
JOSAM c-clampsJOSAM c-clamps

When it comes to frame straightening of heavy vehicles, Josam has different solutions for floor anchoring and a flurry of accessories for your workshop. Josam’s straightening trolleys are made of lightweight aluminium alloy and equipped with wheels so they easily can be moved around.

The classic frame straightening system, JOSAM frame press, is based on i-beam floor anchorings. The i-beams are cast into the workshop floor. Our latest frame strightening system, JOSAM i-press, is a universal system that has an easier and faster installation process. JOSAM i-press is based on drilled floor anchorings and a centre beam where the straightening trolleys are fastened.

Cabs and buses can also be straightened using JOSAM cab bench and JOSAM cab tower. In all of Josam’s straightening systems there are accessories available to facilitate your work. C-clamps, vertical presses and pumps to name a few.