JOSAM cab bench


 Cab repair for all brands of truck cabs


The JOSAM cab bench consists of a rigid base which is anchored to beams in the workshop floor. Movable mounting points make it easier to mount even severely damaged cabs. The cab is pushed and pulled into its correct horizontal position with the help of two movable hydraulic rams and special fixtures. Adapter sets are available for over sixty different cab models that is manufactured by MERCEDES, IVECO, RENAULT, SCANIA, VOLVO, DAF, MAN, FORD and HINO.

Josam is constantly manufacturing adapter sets to suit the latest cab model and fulfil our customers requirements. Insurance costs are one of the major expenses for a vehicle owner. By repairing accident damage instead of buying new parts, costs and premiums are kept to a minimum. JOSAM press/pull towers equipped with extended hi-reach beams, a stay and other special accessories assist in straightening and repairing the cabs vertical frame members and roof section.